If you invest time and effort into selecting the perfect holiday closing, it will surely make a difference. Use our guide to leave your recipients with a sign-off that reflects the same tone and joyful holiday spirit as the rest of your Christmas greeting. But sending a personalized Christmas card is but one way to signify your connection to your friends and loved ones. Get them unique Christmas gifts as well, customized just for them with options like photo mugs,  fleece photo blankets, and custom Christmas ornaments to make their holiday season extra special. 

how to sign a christmas card with photos of a family on the front and back of the cards

How to Sign a Christmas Card?

Think about your relationship with those you are writing to when trying to decide how to sign your Christmas cards. For example, a holiday card for your family and friends is going to be a lot more personalized than a greeting card you’ve crafted for a business associate. Your signature acts as the bow on top of your holiday wishes. Let these six tips help you tie up your season’s greetings.

  1. Use a warm closing for close family and friends. 
  2. Use a professional closing for business related greetings.
  3. Use a holiday greeting such as “Happy Holidays,” or “Season’s Greetings.”
  4. For close family and friends, you can sign a card with…


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