Frugal Christmas: 25 Days of Homemade Gift Ideas

25 Days of (Easy!) Frugal Homemade Gift Ideas

This Christmas season, we will be bringing you 25 days of frugal homemade gift ideas to help extend your holiday shopping budget.  We’ll be posting a new homemade Christmas gift idea each day in December up until that very last-minute hostess gift idea on Christmas morning.  Bookmark this page and check back daily for new gift ideas!

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homemade frugal christmas gift recipe binderFrugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #1

Family Recipe Binder You don’t have to have a crafty bone in your body to make this homemade Christmas gift.  You just have to know how to operate a copier, or know where your nearest Kinkos is located!  Copy your old family favorite recipes, then insert them in page protectors within a 3-ring binder.  For the cover… [Continue reading about the Homemade Family Recipe Binder]


laminated place mats homemade frugal gift idea for grandparentsFrugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #2  

Laminated Photo Place Mats A few of years ago, I made these homemade photo place mats to give my parents as a gift for Christmas.  I was able to get the photos free, so my only cost was the paper and the lamination.  They were really easy to make, and Grandma and Grandpa still use them.  These would also be terrific for daycare providers, with pictures of the kids who go there.  Make one for each child!  Here’s how we did it:  Select a theme for each set of place mats, such as “summer memories,” or “winter wonderland.”  For mine, I chose photos from the beach on a Florida trip.  Or, you could simply cover each place mat completely with photos of a certain family member.  To save even more….  [Continue reading about Homemade Laminated Photo Place Mats]

homemade bailey's irish cream gift ideaFrugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #3 

Homemade Bailey’s Irish Cream  This is my kind of jar gift!  It’s fun to get together with a group of friends to make a big batch of homemade Bailey’s Irish Cream.  Keep some for yourself, and give some away.  Oh, and be sure to sample as you go along to make sure it’s just right!  🙂  [Homemade Bailey’s Irish Cream Recipe]



homemade christmas bath bombs fizziesFrugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #4  

Homemade Bath Bombs AKA Bath Fizzies  This was a fun project to do along with kids.  Even though it took a little adjusting and tweaking to get our bath bombs just right, we had a blast (pun intended)!  The fizzing properties of the ingredients made it seem more like a science experiment than a craft project.  This would be a nice gift for Grandma or any other special someone.   [Instructions on How to Make Homemade Bath Fizzies]


DIY exfoliating body scrubFrugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #5 

Exfoliating Body Sugar Scrub  This homemade exfoliating body scrub is made with brown sugar and petroleum jelly – two things you likely have at home right now anyway.  Attractively packaged in a glass jar or other cute container, it makes a frugal (yet easy) DIY gift idea.  While you’re at it, make a little extra for yourself!   [Instructions on How to Make Homemade Body Scrub]

even when i'm grown upFrugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #6  

Photo Craft:  Even When I’m Grown Up…  My son’s preschool class originally made this for a Mother’s Day gift for all the mothers of kids in the class – but it would make a wonderful gift for Dad, Grandpa & Grandma or another close friend or relative.  You can even “borrow” your relatives’ kids for a photo shoot to create this as a gift for the family.  They’ll love it!  [Instructions on When I’m Grown Up Photo Craft]


homemade photo-cubes Frugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #7 

Homemade Photo Cubes  I love this homemade photo cube gift idea so much, I’ve made it multiple times.  It’s a nice gift for grandparents or for Dad’s desk at work.   However, when you’re done I’m guessing you’ll want to keep it for yourself!  Scrapbook paper and embellishments can make them even more ornate.  Let your creative juices flow!  [How to Make Homemade Photo Cubes]


no-sew fleece blanketFrugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #8 

No-Sew Fleece Blanket  These no-sew fleece blankets are a popular homemade gift idea for a reason.  Everyone loves them!  Not only that, they’re easy to make.  My then 11-year-old made several by herself last year.  They may not be the most frugal gift idea out there (unless you can score a great deal on fleece), but these blankets are sure to be appreciated for years to come.   [Instructions on How to Make a No-Sew Fleece Blanket]



Build a Snowman KitFrugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #9 

Build-A-Snowman Kit  If you live in an area where it snows, these Build-a-snowman Kits are an easy, frugal gift for neighbors, family friends, and kids of all ages.  The entire kit cost about $1 each. Be sure to make one for your own kids – mine were sad when we gave ours away to their friends.   [Instructions on How to Make a Build-a-Snowman Kit]



Liberty Jane PatternsFrugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #10 

Homemade Doll Clothes  If your daughter has an 18″ doll such as American Girl, then you’ve already learned how expensive the clothes and accessories can be. And easy solution is to make your own! There are many free, very simple-to-sew patterns and tutorials online, not only for doll clothes, but for accessories, furniture, and more.  [Links to Free Patterns and Tutorials for Homemade Doll Clothes & Accessories]



transparency ornamentsFrugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #11 

Photo Craft: Transparency Ornaments  Here is an easy-yet-frugal keepsake ornament idea that uses one of your favorite family photos in a creative way.  These would make a fun gift for grandparents or far-away aunts and uncles. [How to make Transparency Ornaments]




Frugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #12 

Kitchen Jar Gifts  Homemade gifts in a jar are frugal, easy, and beautiful, and can be made with nearly any recipe!  [Recipes for Homemade Kitchen Jar Gifts]




year ornamentFrugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #13  

Year in Review Ornament  Here’s another great keepsake ornament idea that would be great to give teachers, day care providers, or to make for your own family.  Each one can be customized for the person or memories you want to remember.  [Year in Review Ornament]



holiday gift idea diy storytime videoFrugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #14 

DIY Storytime Video   If you’ve got little cousins that live far away like we do, this is a great way for them to see your faces and voices as often as they’d like.  Plus, since you likely have most of the things to create this gift already in your own home, it costs next to nothing to make.

[DIY Storytime Video]


homemade christmas ornamentFrugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #15  

Christmas Dough Ornaments   Making a homemade ornament for each of your children every year is a great tradition. As they get older, they can help you with the project. They’re also nice to give to personalize and give to teachers, cousins, family and friends.

[Christmas Dough Ornaments]


paperwhiteFrugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #16 

Paperwhite Narcissus Kits   Paperwhite Narcissus bulb kits are sold this time of year, but it’s really easy to make your own –and so much cheaper!  You can make a kit of your own or assemble it yourself before you present it to teachers, friends, and relatives.

[Paperwhite Narcissus Kits]


Frugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #17 

Gingerbread Play Dough   Homemade play dough is a simple and frugal craft for kids, but have you ever thought about giving it as a gift?   This year we made gingerbread play dough for Christmas gifts. We packaged it up with a cookie cutter and a collection of gingerbread decorating supplies – bells, googly eyes, big buttons, and foam candy shapes – and it made a great gift for friends!  Very frugal, too – all of the supplies were found at the dollar store.

[Gingerbread Play Dough]


Homemade Gift Felt Puzzles FishFrugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #18 

Felt Puzzles for Kids   Felt is an inexpensive crafting material.  Plus, it’s extremely colorful and kid-friendly!  These homemade puzzles are easy to make and would be a unique gift to give any child.

[Felt Puzzles for Kids]



Frugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #19  

Creative Ways to Give Cash   Can’t think of anyone to give that hard-to-buy-for person on your list?  Cash is always nice!  Instead of giving in an impersonal way, have fun with it!   We’ve got six creative ways to give cash right here.

[Creative Ways to Give Cash]



Frugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #20 

Love Glove Elephants  Thanks to forum member JFrogster for sharing her tutorial on how to make these cute Love Glove Elephants.  (This came from the forum thread Homemade Gifts for Kids)

[Love Glove Elephants]


gift tagsFrugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #21 

Creative Homemade Gift Wrap If you’ve got a homemade gift to give, why stop there?  Wrap it with things you already have at home and make a one-of-a-kind tag to go with it.

[Frugal Ideas for Creative Homemade Gift Wrapping, Packaging and Tags]

Frugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #22 

Easy-Sew Bedside Organizer Here’s an easy-sew homemade gift idea for just about anyone!  A homemade bedside organizer makes a good gift for siblings, grandparents, friends, kids, or anyone who likes to read.  This frugal homemade gift uses just 1/2 yard of fabric and a few inches of rubber drawer liner.  You don’t need a lot of sewing know-how.

[Easy-Sew Bedside Organizer]


homemade photo coastersFrugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #23  

Homemade Photo or Artwork Coasters  Turn your child’s artwork into one-of-a-kind coasters with tile, decoupage, a hot glue gun, and a small piece of felt.  It’s the perfect way to preserve artwork while making a special gift.

[Homemade Photo or Artwork Coasters]


DIY candle holdersFrugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #24  

DIY Photo Candle Holders  If you’ve got empty jar candle holders, you can easily remove the wax and repurpose them into a brand-new gift.  With a little photo transparency paper and a jar, you’re good to go!

[DIY Photo Candle Holders ]

Frugal Christmas:  Homemade Gift Idea #25  

Do you have a spectacular homemade Christmas gift idea to share?  Email to us at sydney (at) it along with instructions and a .jpg photo.  If we use your frugal gift idea on our site, we’ll send you a copy of Instant Bargains: 600+ Ways to Shrink Your Grocery Bills and Eat Well for Less


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