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Happy February, Lovelies! Does anyone else feel that 2015 is going to pass just as quickly as 2014? The year is certainly not dragging on at the Godmother household, so you can imagine how I felt when I realized Valentine’s Day is just two weeks away! Thankfully, we have our plans for the evening figured out, do you?

The Godfather and I always stay in on Valentine’s Day to avoid rushed service and prix fixe menus at restaurants. At first we would take turns cooking for each other, but now we pick a meal and cook together. This year we are going to make my fabulous shrimp and grits, to be served with sparkling wine, and I’m going to make a merveilleux for dessert.

Merveilleux have been around France for centuries, but are apparently the dessert du jour for the time being and rapidly making their way across the pond. I want to try one, so I shall make it. If you think back to several years ago, this is how my macaron love-affair began and I’m hoping this experiment turns out as successfully. Recipes for everything will come shortly after, naturally.

Where I usually find myself feeling a little stumped is in the gift category. I am a fan of practical gifts that are still sweet and thoughtful. In previous years I’ve picked up video games or golf gear for the Godfather, but this year, I decided to get him something else I think he’ll enjoy. And just in case he reads this, I’m not sharing what it is, but it follows today’s theme… romantic Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the food lover!

Check out the fabulous ideas I’ve rounded up for you below, and then don’t forget to enter into my first BLOG GIVEAWAY at the bottom of the post. It’s easy to enter and you could win a “Chocoholic’s Delight” basket filled with an assortment of some of my favorite chocolate items and a few extra-special Godmother treats made by me (in my home kitchen). Due to the nature of the prize, I am only shipping within the continental United States. Good luck darlings!

Valentines Day Gift Ideas under 25 and a free giveaway

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas  under $25 for the Foodie in your Life:

  1. The Fred and Ginger Champagne Coupe (Gift Box Set of 2)
    These super cute champagne flutes inspired by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers would make an adorable gift paired with sparkling wine or non-alcoholic cider and a classic movie.
  2. Sur La Table The Original Bacon Kit
    I have to admit we *almost* picked up this kit as a Christmas gift for a few people. It comes with just about everything you need and instructions for making your own bacon. How cool is that?
  3. The Chocolate Tasting Kit (Tasting Kits)
    The one is just a book, but it has everything you need to know about chocolate tasting, and tasting cards for hosting your own chocolate tasting party, which I think is just the cutest idea ever. So this gets my vote for the perfect gift for chocolate lovers, Girl’s Nights, or Valentine’s Day with kids… chocolate always wins.Bonus: The book is a great gift on its own, but if you plan to use it with your sweetie, it would be awesome to purchase the chocolate in advance too. The author includes a handy buying guide.
  4. A Date Night Cookbook
    I hardly think there’s anything more romantic than cooking for or cooking with someone special. Preparing food, to me, is and always has been the ultimate way of showing someone you care. Do you remember the first time you cooked for someone special? Maybe it didn’t turn out quite the way you’d hoped (there’s always pizza!), but the right cookbook will help you find the right recipe.Bonus: Pick out your favorite recipes from the cookbook, buy the ingredients, and prep the meal for (or with) your sweetie!

I hope these fabulous ideas help you find the perfect present! Please note that the above are affiliate links, so I do receive a small commission should you make a purchase. There is absolutely no change in price for you. Thank you for supporting Goodie Godmother!

Finally, please don’t forget to enter my FREE GIVEAWAY! I’m sharing some of my favorite chocolate treats and making you a few extra-special Godmother delights (maybe even some favorites from my bakery days), and mailing them to the winner just in time to enjoy (or share) for Valentine’s Day! It’s very easy to enter and there are many options for bonus entries, so you can have lots of chances to win.

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