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I must admit to being the laziest gift wrapper ever. Here’s my usual technique: find used gift bag in my garage, stuff gift in, throw some used tissue paper on top, hand off to recipient under the guise of “I’m trying to be earth-friendly” when in actuality, I lacked effort and creativity. This holiday season, however, the Walgreens Happy & Healthy Holiday Guide has come to my rescue! I was inspired by the gift-giving and gift-wrapping ideas throughout to be more creative.

Walgreens carries so many gift-wrapping options. The Walgreens Happy & Healthy Guide provides creative suggestions for how to use many of their products along with recipes and gift ideas for everyone in your family.

Walgreens Gift Wrap options #shopI bought Bryce a Hot Wheels car ramp at another store, but found that Walgreens carries Hot Wheels cars. This gave me the idea to create an interactive gift wrap for him. I began by taking an ivory piece of wrapping paper. Using painter’s tape, I created two parallel lines and painted them using chalkboard paint. I wrapped the gift, and used chalk to create lines down each road. I then taped the Hot Wheels cars to the box. How fun is this?

Race Car Gift Wrap #shop

Walgreens had several toys for boys and girls of all ages on sale for just $6.99 each (or Buy 2, Get 1 Free). I picked up a Kitchen Appliance Mixer for Lydia because her absolute favorite thing to do is pretend to bake cupcakes. I decided to create a fun, interactive gift wrap for this gift, too. She’s really crafty, so I wrapped the gift in gold wrapping paper (the reverse side of the ivory paper I used for Bryce) and cut out a green Christmas tree from an old gift bag. I glued the Christmas tree to the front of the box. Then I cut around stickers that I found at Walgreens and taped them to the box. She can peel the stickers and apply them to the tree.

Decorate-a-tree Gift Wrap #shop

For my husband Richard, I wanted to create gift wrap that would bring tears to his eyes. I found a matte black gift bag in the regular gift-wrapping section. I painted my daughter’s left hand and son’s right hand white and made handprints on the bag. My daughter wrote her name and her brother’s name under the corresponding handprints, and I wrote “Christmas 2013”. The gold wrapping paper to match with the gold lettering adds the perfect festive touch! Handprint Gift Bag #shop

These Toy Story decals were on sale at Walgreens for Bryce. Toy Story is his favorite! The box is small, flat, and tall, so I thought I’d use it to make a snowman, complete with black hat, two coal eyes, carrot nose, and buttons.

Snowman Gift Wrap #shop

And finally… bringing an edible treat to a holiday party? Here’s a really easy idea! These little open boxes are just 99 cents each. Add some holiday tissue paper, and this gift becomes a serving dish for a party!

Gift Wrap a Treat #shopLooking for more Christmas present ideas and gift-wrapping inspiration? Check out the Walgreens Happy & Healthy Holiday Guide for something for everyone on your list!

Creative Gift Wrap Ideas #shop


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