Best Photo Calendar Ideas

When creating the best photo calendar, think about the themes that best matches the photo memories you want to showcase. When looking through your photos, see which calendar template complements your photos well and which template you will look forward to seeing over the next year. Our custom photo calendars are designed to be able to start on any month of the year; so, if you didn’t get your calendars sent to you on January 1, you can start it on February 1, and it will last you till the end of February the next year. Explore our amazing calendar design ideas below and if none of our beautifully made templates match your style, create your own for a more personalized touch.

Classic Style

Create a classic style calendar with clean lines and simple yet classy designs. When you design your own calendar, you can choose from premade photo calendar templates that you can’t get anywhere else. By uploading your favorite photos to your personalized calendar template, you will be able to see all the memories you’ve created over the years, all the while creating plans in the future.

Colorful Style

Add a touch of color to your life with a colorful style personalized calendar. Adding color to your everyday life will add more energy to get things on your calendar accomplished. When you add your photos to a colorful desktop, easel, or wall calendar style template, you will see that the colors will accent your photos and will make looking at your photos pleasing to the eyes. When you see you most cherished memories displayed on a colorful calendar, you will look forward to flipping the page of your custom calendar each month.

Modern Style

Like our classic styles, a modern style custom calendar offers beautiful templates that matches any modern space. With bold and cursive lettering throughout the designed templates, you can add any photo to create a custom modern desk, easel, or photo wall calendar that will look beautiful in any space. From neutral colors to colorful ones, modern calendars will look good in any space and will accent your calendars with its beautiful style.

Rustic Style

Perfect to match your rustic home decor or if you love the great outdoors, a rustic style calendar is perfect for you. Perfect for your wilderness pictures, a rustic style personalized calendar will provide templates with wood accents and items you will find in a rustic style setting. With these one-of-a-kind designs, you can choose from a range of templates that will complement any photo you decide to put in and will give your snapshots beautiful backgrounds of natural colors, plaid, or wood grain colors.

Watercolor Style

With beautiful colors and festive designs, watercolor calendar styles will highlight all your photos within a colorful template. Our watercolor templates have beautiful designs that feature beautiful color background designs and embellishments that will make your custom monthly calendar the highlight of your day. These stunning watercolor designs also are great template options for kids of all ages and those who want more tranquility in their lives. Featuring your photos on a watercolor custom calendar can offer a more relaxing space for wherever you display it.

Whimsy Style

Creating a whimsy calendar will make your photos look eventful and festive. When you choose a photo calendar from our whimsical collection, you can see that there are a variety of template options to choose from that are perfect for both adults and children. Each easel, desk, and photo wall calendar design is curated by artists that highlight the whimsical designs for each template. Choose a calendar template that can feature a multitude of photos, or you can choose a whimsical template that doesn’t feature any photos but has motivational quotes instead.

Best Types of Calendars

The best type of calendars come in a multitude of sizes and shapes that can fit any area of your home or office. With our calendars’ versatility, it’s able to be the highlight of any area it is put in. Explore the best types of photo calendars you can personally create and see which best fits your overall needs. The best part of Shutterfly custom calendars is that you can start on any month of the year, and you can mark any important dates like birthdays, holidays, graduations, and anniversaries with photos or text as a reminder of your special date.

Wall Calendars

Wall calendars are what we think of when we think of calendars, and they conveniently come in two different sizes. Choose from 12×12 wall calendar or an 8×11 wall calendar to get started. You can choose from over 50 styles and layouts to create your personalized wall calendars. Perfect to make as personalized gifts for the holidays or to keep track of a new school year, wall calendars are wonderful gift ideas for everyone on your list.

Desk Calendars

Creating a desk calendar will add an additional touch of organization to your desktop or workspace area. Perfect for getting a quick glance over the month, you can also pair pictures to match each month. Desk calendars are perfectly sized and printed on a high-quality cardstock that has a durable built-in easel for your desk calendar display. Give these calendar gifts for the new year or as Christmas gifts for loved ones. You can even give them as family calendars so everyone can keep up with special dates year round.

Desk calendar with the page turned to february with two pictures on the left side

Easel Calendars

Perfect for a more modern looking calendar, easel calendars can come in both a vertical and horizontal orientation. Printed on thick and premium card stock, all 12 months come in individual 5×7 card stock and are held together by a sleek oak stand. For an added touch your easel calendar can come in a matte finish for a more elegant design. Easel picture calendars make the perfect gifts for colleagues, friends, and family members.

Easel calendars with pictures of a family at the beach and a hand taking away january card

Additional Custom Calendar Ideas

In additional to our wall calendars, desk calendars and easel calendars, we have other forms of calendars that will match any style. For a calendar that comes with you everywhere, a monthly planner is perfect for those who plan their schedule day by day. It comes in a convent 5×8 spiral that will fit even the smallest backpacks or briefcases. Calendar posters are great to put in an area that is viewed by many people, such as mail rooms or break rooms. Calendar magnets are perfect to put on your fridge or filing cabinets that give you a view of the year at a single glance. Hanging canvas calendars allow for your calendar to be printed on a decorative canvas print that will be a keepsake for years to come. For something versatile and practical, opt for a calendar mouse pad that you will be able to keep on your desk for the whole year.

Wrapping Up on 2024 Calendar Ideas

Calendars are both versatile and practical items that you will use all year long. Create you own personalized photo calendar that will remind you of the best memories you’ve created over the years, while planning you plan for new and exciting memories this coming year.


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