33 Insanely Cool Gifts That WILL Sell Out Quickly This Year

November 16, 2023

We all know that it’s the thought that matters when it comes to gifting… but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get them something special!

The problem is, it’s not easy to find cool gifts that can actually make a difference in their lives without breaking the bank. But don’t worry, we’ve done all the hard work for you and put together an incredible list of gifts that offer exceptional value for their reasonably small price tags!

If you want to give a gift that is sure to bring a big smile, we’ve got you covered. Plus, many are even offering big discounts right now! Keep reading to see our top picks…

NOTE: All products selected for this list are shipped FAST from warehouses across the United States 🇺🇸

1. ThePhotostick OMNI – Instantly Backup Your Photos & Videos On Every Device

If you have a ton of photos & videos on your computer AND phone, then you already know how tough it is to keep them all organized… and one mistake (on either device) can suddenly result in heartbreak. That’s why we recommend ThePhotoStick OMNI to anyone with a LOT of photos and videos to keep track of – this powerful USB stick finds and saves ALL of your photos and videos on ANY device (phone, tablet and computer) in a matter of seconds. Plus, they’re easy to share from the free app. It couldn’t be faster or easier!

Learn More About The PhotoStick OMNI »

2. Dodow – Fall Asleep in 8 Mins or less

If you or someone you know is struggling with insomnia, then Dodow is a must-have gadget. It’s completing disrupting the billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry as it’s the best way to help people fall asleep fast without harmful pills! Even though it was only released earlier this year, Dodow has already helped millions fall asleep naturally without any side-effects.

Dodow uses the latest research in cognitive behavioral therapy combined with cutting-edge technology to retrain your brain to sleep naturally when you want it to. Not only does it help you fall asleep in 8 minutes or less, but it also improves your sleep quality and increases energy levels for you to perform optimally throughout the day! Everyone needs a good night’s rest, and with their 30-day money back guarantee, everyone needs to try Dodow.

Learn More About Dodow »

3. Miracle Sheets – The Best Bed Sheets Ever

Miracle has created the world’s first ever self-washing, hygienic, luxury sheets. These sheets are able to fight bacteria, regulate temperature, and prevent the growth of odor-generating bacteria. They fight bacteria by using an ancient method to clean water. To kill and prevent bacteria in water, the water would be in a container with silver. To make the silver work in this case, the sheets’ cotton threads are infused with silver. Its natural bacteria fighting silver is the key to providing a cool, comfortable, and healthy night of sleep. Miracle sheets are going to be as productive as you.

Click Here To Learn More About Miracle Sheets »

4. SafeCam 360 – Wireless Home Security

This new invention is one that every homeowner should have. With the SafeCam 360 you can secure your home without any expensive cloud fees, batteries, or wiring!

Setup is easy and once installed you can view your camera from where via the smartphone app. For much less than the cost of traditional outdoor or dooorbell cameras, this is one definitely worth checking out!

Learn More About the SafeCam 360 »

5. Bril – Kill Up To 99.9% of Germs On Your Toothbrush

Did you know? Your toothbrush likely has 100 million nasty germs crawling all over it right now!

That’s where Bril comes in. Bril is a portable toothbrush case that uses natural UV light to kill germs on the head of your toothbrush – protecting you and your family from germs, viruses and harmful bacteria. Bril is strongly recommended for adults, kids, seniors, or anyone that wants a happier, healthier smile.

Bril uses the same UV sterilizing technology trusted by hospitals & the International Space Station, making it a super unique and useful gift!

Click Here To Learn More About Bril »

6. Flex Focus – Genius Adjustable Eyeglasses!

Tired of squinting trying to read your phone or laptop? Sick of not being able to see clearly in the distance?

These remarkable, yet highly affordable, reading glasses are fully ADJUSTABLE… Simply use the little dials on the sides of the lenses to adjust the magnification. It takes just seconds to dial in the perfect custom magnification for super clear up-close reading and handy work. Then dial again to see distant objects with complete clarity.

Click Here To Learn More About Flex Focus »

7. ZQuiet – The Device That Stops Your Snoring For Good

If you snore at night, you’ve probably tried all sorts of strange devices and techniques to stop… but none are effective or comfortable enough to use long-term, right? Well, times have changed! Recently, a dentist created ZQuiet: the ultra-comfortable, instantly effective mouthpiece that can stop snoring in a single night. Unlike other methods, it doesn’t restrict your jaw movement and is incredibly easy to use. The future is here… and for you, it’s completely snore-free!

Click Here To Learn More About ZQuiet »

8. Belly Orb – The World’s First Belly-Slimming Patch

Dieting makes social outings awkward, and counting macros sucks all your brain power. That’s why the 18 synergistic herbs in BellyOrb are so revolutionary — they’re combined in the ideal dosages and packaged in a unique skin patch, so your body directly absorbs the herbal support that it needs! BellyOrb bypasses the digestive system, your body can absorb more of the herbs… and you can see faster results. Even if you’re a veteran dieter, you’ve never tried anything like this before!

Click Here To Learn More About Belly Orb »

9. Cosmic Globe – High-Tech Flying Boomerang Ball

Get ready to embark on an out-of-this-world adventure with this captivating and innovative gadget. Cosmic Globe defies gravity as it hovers and glides through the air, controlled by your hand movements. With its cutting-edge design, this flying saucer offers a thrilling and immersive experience for kids and adults alike. Whether you’re looking for an exciting outdoor activity or an awe-inspiring indoor escape, Cosmic Globe is your ticket to fun and wonder!

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10. Insta-Tox – Give The Gift Of Confidence

Discover the secret to ageless beauty with Insta-Tox, the instant wrinkle eraser that has celebrities like Jennifer Stallone raving about its transformative effects. Say goodbye to wrinkles, fine lines, and under-eye bags in seconds, all without the need for surgery or needles. With a unique blend of powerful ingredients, Insta-Tox delivers quick and dramatic results, leaving your skin visibly smoother and more youthful.

Learn More About Insta-Tox »

11. UVBrite – The Futuristic Water Bottle That Purifies Your Water

Whether you’re traveling across the world, camping across town, or drinking from your home tap, one thing is for certain: Everyone needs pure, clean, safe water. And that’s exactly what you get with every sip from UVBrite! This “magic water bottle” includes a built-in UV-C light that destroys 99.99% of the nasty (and potentially dangerous) germs hiding in our water supplies. It couldn’t be easier to use – simply press the button and wait a few minutes while UVBrite purifies your water. It’s also a joy to drink from thanks to the sleek design and double-walled Stainless Steel that keeps liquids at the perfect temperature for 12 hours!

Click Here To Learn More About UVBrite »

12. Peeps Carbon Technology – Revolutionary Glasses Cleaner

Do you wear glasses? If you do, chances are that having to constantly clean them is one of the most annoying things you have to deal with. Rubbing them with your shirt just smears the oils around even more and makes things worse. Those microfiber cleaning cloths are slightly better but they’re so easy to misplace and after a few users they’re completely filthy.

Peeps is an amazing new product designed to solve this problem. Utilizing the same carbon cleaning technology NASA uses for lens cleaning on the space station, peeps will give you crystal clear lenses. It’s perfect for reading glasses, eyeglasses, and sunglasses! Once you clean your glasses with peeps your lenses will be so clear it won’t even feel like you’re wearing glasses anymore!

Peeps also makes a great gift for anyone who wears glasses. The gift of a super cool gadget which is actually useful and makes life easier is always highly appreciated!

Learn More About Peeps »

13. Prepared Hero – Emergency Fire Blanket

The Prepared Hero Fire Blanket is a great gift to keep your loved ones safe in case of emergency. Traditional fire safety equipment can be bulky and complex, but the Prepared Hero Fire Blanket offers a simple and effective solution. With its quick pull-tab release, you can instantly cover and smother small fires caused by cooking oils, electrical malfunctions, and more.

Every home should have at least one of these. It’s a one time purchase that can save lives and thousands in damages!

Click Here To Learn More About Prepared Hero »

14. Voltex Vest – Heated Vest To Keep You Warm This Winter

Ready to conquer winter’s chill? Meet the VolteX Heated Vest – your cozy winter companion. Crafted with cutting-edge heating technology and premium materials, this vest offers instant warmth, retains heat, and ensures maximum comfort. It’s lightweight, washable, and designed with eight heating pads for all-around coziness. With three temperature settings, this is a winter essential that sets new standards. Don’t miss out – click through to the product page and discover the benefits that will make your winter warmer and more comfortable.

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15. Blissy – The Silk Pillowcase Everyone Should Have

Have you ever wondered why you look so rough first thing in the morning? Chances are, it has a lot to do with the quality of your pillowcase. Cotton is a porous material that causes fiction when you rub against it. It dries out your hair and pores, traps bacteria, and occasionally leaves you with creases on your face.

Blissy pillowcases are ultra-soft, naturally hypoallergenic, and resist absorption. Made from the purest mulberry silk, you are treated to the finest quality every time you lay down. Blissy pampers you with silky smoothness for better sleep and a healthier appearance.

Learn More About Blissy »

16. Kailo – This Microtech Patch That Helps “Turn Off” Pain In Seconds

Being at home all day is a challenge. Throw in my chronic back pain and it’s a struggle for me to remain civil. Luckily, I found Kailo back in November right after their Kickstarter.

Kailo’s patented technology uses microcapacitors to “turn off” your pain like a light switch – providing natural relief, anywhere on your body, in seconds!

The patch is very easy to use, even the first time: When I feel my back hurting, all I do is stick a Kailo on my back and in a few seconds, I feel relief. Finally.

Learn More About Kailo »

17. Chill Pill – Naturally Relieve Anxiety

As we all deal with more and more stress in our lives, panic attacks and anxiety are becoming a growing problem for millions of people. While many turn to pills for quick relief, experts warn that they’re not the best option… not only are pills dangerous, they can be highly addictive and even intoxicating. That’s where The Chill Pill comes in — this innovative new handheld device uses safe, science-backed Electrotherapy to quickly calm your mind down. It can stop a panic attack cold, and users say it’s incredible for relieving daily anxiety and stress. Even better, it’s discreet, portable, and drug-free… so it could be the last “pill” you ever need!

Learn More About Chill Pill »

18. ScreenKlean – Keep Your Devices Clean

Did you know that the average smartphone has 20X MORE BACTERIA than a public restroom? It’s true! Between screen time and checking in with family, our devices are getting a workout. I’ve already run out of Lysol wipes, so when I googled how to clean my smartphone, I found this gem.

One wipe with ScreenKlean and my screens don’t just look ‘better’ than before, they look crystal clear -spotless after every clean! It works on ALL of my devices – smartphones, tablets, e-readers, computers, TV…everything!

But the BEST thing about ScreenKlean? It combats bacteria on your touch screens. So every time you clean your screen you’re also fighting germ residue! If it’s good enough for NASA, it’s good enough for me :).

Learn More About ScreenKlean »

19. XtraPC – Speed Up Your Old PC!

If you’re tired of waiting on a slow Windows PC or Mac, then you can try this impressive XtraPC USB drive. This extra cool gadget contains a BLAZING FAST operating system built on Linux that can bypass your old, slow operating system when inserted in your computer’s USB port. All you have to do is restart your PC, boot into USB, and you’re set – no technical skills required!

The new operating system maintains the familiar structure of your old one and gives you access to all the files you previously had. Not to mention that it comes with your favorite programs which allow you to browse the web, send & receive emails, listen to music & watch your favorite videos and more!

With Xtra-PC you can do everything you did before, except that on a super fast computer. No wonder that hundreds of thousands have started using Xtra-PC to boost their productivity. With Xtra-PC, you feel like you have an entirely new PC at a fraction of the cost! Not to mention that Xtra-PC works even with faulty or missing hard drives, and gives you the opportunity to recover files you thought you had lost forever after a crash. It’s like having your own data recovery team in your pocket.

Learn More About XtraPC »

20. Audien Hearing – The World’s First Hearing Aids Under $100!

If you or someone you know suffers from mild to moderate hearing loss, and you haven’t done anything to correct it… then you’re actually in luck! Just a few years ago, you would have been forced to either pay upwards of $4,500 for hearing aids — or struggle with poor hearing. But now you have Audien: an ultra-compact set of hearing aids that requires no prescription and costs less than $100. They work right out of the box, and thousands of people are already using them to enjoy full, beautiful sound again!

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21. TheraICE Headache Hat – Relieve Your Headaches In Seconds

The TheraICE Headache Relief Hat is a patent-pending hot and cold therapy hat that provides natural and fast relief for all types of headaches.

Using a combination of compression technology and hot/cold therapy, you’ll finally experience relief like never before. Simply put your Headache Relief Hat on and feel the difference in just minutes!

Click Here To Learn More About TheraICE »

22. GoDonut – The Only Device Stand You’ll Ever Need

GoDonut is the world’s most portable and universal stand for phones and tablets. With it, you can easily enjoy all your mobile devices – completely hands-free!

This clever, highly desirable device has taken the world by storm since its release, selling more than 500,000 units and even winning the coveted Twice Picks Award at CES.

GoDonut allows devices to be displayed in 3 different angles, creating 6 different ways to view your device – from wide angles (for movies) to horizontal (for following recipes) and more – it’s the ultimate phone and tablet stand… and there’s nothing else like it.

Click Here To Learn More About GoDonut »

23. iMemories – Transfer VHS Tapes, Film and Photos to DVD & Digital

There is no better time to stop procrastinating and do what you’ve been meaning to do every year – for the past 5, 10, heck, maybe even 30 years! If you’ve got boxes of film and photos collecting dust (or know someone who does), those memories are literally and figuratively fading away little by little every day.

But with iMemories, you can now protect and preserve them for future generations to enjoy – AND you can easily view and watch those forgotten memories right from your phone or tablet.

The best part about iMemories is how EASY they make the whole process. The whole process is tracked, which is why they’ve NEVER lost a single memory.

Once done, you get ALL your original memories back and now you’ve got decades of memories ready to view with the press of a button on your phone, tablet, or computer. And couldn’t we ALL use a dose of happy family memories right now?

Click Here To Learn More About iMemories »

24. Turbo Drive RC – Genius Toy Winning Over Kids & Adults!

Tired of endless screen time? This gesture-controlled RC car performs mind-blowing stunts with just a wave of your hand!

Doctors and scientists have been warning about the effects of excessive screen time on health, making The Turbo Drive RC Car the ideal solution – safe, appealing, durable, and affordable. Thousands of happy parents worldwide rave about its ability to get kids off the couch and engaged in outdoor activities.

Play it in your living room, or take it to the park, beach, or backyard; The Turbo Drive RC Car conquers any terrain!

Click Here To Learn More »

25. AirPhysio – All-Natural “Lung Cleaning” Device

If you have a lung condition, AirPhysio could be your new best friend! This specially designed device uses a revolutionary method to naturally loosen the phlegm in your chest – helping you breathe easier in just a few days. Even better, AirPhysio is completely drug free, it doesn’t require a prescription, and it’s completely safe to use. Doctors have been using the same technology in hospitals for years, but now it’s available for personal use. It’s great for athletes and relieving symptoms of viruses as well!

Learn More About AirPhysio »

26. LifeVac – Save Your Loved Ones From Choking

LifeVac is a patented life-saving device that is proven to be the most effective way to help a child or adult during a choking emergency.

It sits over the mouth and nose to create a seal, while the pump works like a vacuum to dislodge any airway blockage in seconds.

LifeVac is considered the only non-invasive airway clearance device, it’s unique and patented design makes it the simplest and most comfortable anti-choking solution available. It’s also the only anti-choking device with third-party independent testing (vacuum verification, durability, pressure verification, environmental).

With over 81 lives and counting have been saved by LifeVac, every household should have one of these!

Click Here To Learn More About LifeVac »

27. Hootie – The Personal Safety Siren

Keep the women and children in your life safe this holiday season and for years to come with Hootie. It’s the highly-giftable, personal alarm that’s perfect for anyone: women, children, sisters, aunts, daughters, or friends. You never know when your loved ones will be in danger or need help from others at a moment’s notice.

At under $30, Hootie is an affordable gift and incredible stocking-stuffer for the people in your life you truly care about. This gift is something they can carry with them every day, since it fits directly on their keychain. Its everyday convenience will serve as a constant reminder of your thoughtfulness and support no matter where they are.

One thing is for sure is they will love it and you will too because you don’t have to spend a fortune for them to feel a little safer.

Learn More About Hootie »

28. BaldiePro – The Best Way To Shave Your Head

Let’s face it. Shaving your head is not easy without the right tools. Developed by Baldies for Baldies, this team has poured numerous hours of testing and research to bring you the best of the best.

The BaldiePro by Groomie is the latest innovation in head shaving technology and allows you to completely shave your head in under 3 minutes! Plus, it comes with numerous attachments for your beard and other grooming needs as well!

Learn More About the BaldiePro »

29. OptiScope – Take Crystal-Clear Pictures With Up To 10x Zoom With Your Phone Camera

Not everyone can dump hundreds if not thousands on camera equipment – and with the OptiScope, you don’t have to.

Modern CNC equipment, optical programs on the fastest computers, and high-tech designs allowed this brand to create a reasonably-priced telescope that was as good as those from the most expensive brands.

All you need is a phone, your OptiScope and a stunning view – and you’ll be able to take crystal-clear pictures. Even at 10x zoom, the stabilizer gives you the perfect view every time.

Click Here To Learn More About OptiScope »

30. Soul Insole – Futuristic Insole” Offers Long-Lasting Foot Pain Relief

Soul Insole is the world’s first “micro-orthotic insole”. The insoles give you the benefits of expensive orthotics – but without the price tag, office visits or clunky equipment.

You place them in your shoes (or boots, or high-heels, or even sandals) and viola! You’ll enjoy immediate, soothing relief – first to your feet, and then to your legs, back, or wherever else the pain has spread. The insoles are super easy to use, too. They don’t require cutting or measuring, and thanks to their high-quality materials, they also last an incredibly long time – up to several years!

Click Here To Learn More About Soul Insole »

31. Bondic – Fix Virtually ANYTHING With Genius New Product (Just Don’t Call It Glue!)

Hate throwing away those items that “just can’t be fixed”? Tired of wasting time and money on cheap solutions that keep your fingers stuck together more than the thing you’re trying to fix? Sounds like you need Bondic! With Bondic, you can fix virtually ANYTHING!

Broken glasses? Repaired. Leaky plumbing holes? Patched. Broken dishes? Not anymore! Simply apply Bondic’s special liquid-plastic formula to the item you need repaired, shine the special UV light on it for only 4 SECONDS, and you’re DONE! Bondic is designed to last forever! Ensuring you get a long-lasting hold – which means once you fix it, it’s actually FIXED!

Bondic works on any surface, including metal, wood, glass, ceramics, plastic and more. And it’s NOT a glue, so it won’t dry out or get sticky and messy! Stop throwing away broken items, and give them a second life with Bondic.

Learn More About Bondic »

32. Duo Cover – The Best Microwave Food Cover

Duo Cover is so much more than “just another microwave cover”. This revolutionary device not only keeps your microwave sparkling clean and free from food splatters, it also steams your food using the innovative MoistureLock knob — then it folds up and sticks to the top of your microwave. So convenient!

Most importantly, Duo Cover is made with 100% food grade silicone and zero plastic. Not only is it the ideal material for microwave cooking, it means you never have to worry about toxic chemicals seeping into your food.

Learn More About the Duo Cover »

33. FlightPath – The World’s Most Advanced Golf Tee

Are you still using an old-school wooden tee?! Not only are wooden tees prone to snapping at the worst possible time (costing you tons of money in the long run), they’re also pretty basic. No wonder so many people (including pros) have been turning to FlightPath tees — these advanced polycarbonate tees last for hundreds of hits, and they use a revolutionary design that reduces friction and backspin. The result? Your drives go longer AND straighter — automatically. This small but definitely noticeable boost could completely change your game!

Click Here To Learn More About FlightPath »

BONUS. Tenikle – The Best Viral Phone Mount

Do you have a pop socket, tripod, selfie stick, or computer mount for your phone? Maybe you have all 4…PLUS similar mounts for your tablet, camera, or other tech devices. The bad news is that you’ve already wasted a lot of money…and you’ve probably been carrying too many phone mounts around! The good news is that Tenikle can replace all your other phone, tablet, and camera mounts!

Click Here To Learn More About Tenikle »

BONUS #2. Pocket Tripod – The Only Device Stand You’ll Ever Need

Pocket Tripod is a revolution in phone stand design — it’s a fully functional phone and tablet tripod stand that folds up into a credit-card sized shape and fits in your pocket, allowing you to use your phone hands-free wherever you go!

After seeing it once, you’ll have to agree: It’s pretty genius. Even Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder, was blown away… in fact, he said he “wished he invented it”!

Click Here To Learn More About Pocket Tripod »


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