100 Best Cheap Gift Ideas for Christmas Under $25

A huge gift guide of the best, highly rated, inexpensive cheap gift ideas under $25 for everyone on your Christmas shopping list or any time of year.

Whew! This was a BEAST of a gift guide to put together… mainly because it had a very tall order involved.

I wanted to provide y’all with tons of cheap gift ideas for the trickiest people on your list with items they will ACTUALLY use and love!

100 Cheap Gift Ideas for Christmas for everyone

(*All items are $25 at the time of this post publishing.)

“Cheap” is a totally relative term, of course. So maybe it’s better to say these are inexpensive Christmas gift ideas in comparison to inflation’s standards these days yet are still all highly rated that everyone loves.

Inexpensive Christmas Gift Resources

Like I said… a very tall, tricky task.

But I got so carried away with finding lots of affordable gifting inspiration that I ended up with a list of 100 cheap gift ideas! They’re all under $25 (some even as low as just $2) and come highly rated.

So many of these would be great as stocking stuffers too, and they’re proof you don’t have to spend a ton to find the perfect gift for someone. 

If this has been a tricky year for you financially, I hope this helps you stay within a reasonable budget this holiday season without making you feel like you had to skimp.

100 Best Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

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I’m wondering if maybe I should put together a gigantic “cheap gift ideas” guide for babies/kids/teens next. What do you think? Would that be helpful?

No matter what is under your tree though, I hope you know quality time (like spending an unplugged weekend together) or acts of service (like cleaning the house for a grandparent) is so much more valuable, and those are totally free.

It’s been a tough year, y’all. But we can do hard things. And love is simply priceless anyway, especially at Christmas.

Got any other budget friendly gifts you’d add to the holiday shopping list?

More Cheap Gift Ideas

100 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

DIY gift ideas
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some free gift ideas?

You don’t have to spend a dime to give a great gift! Look around your home at what you already have and regift wisely (like maybe a beautiful vase you don’t really use but it’s too nice to actually get rid of).

Cook or bake a treat for someone.
Provide an act of service like wash their car or babysit their kids.
Give the gift of time like a movie night or day at the park.
Propagate one of your houseplants and replant it in a nice planter you might already have.
Write down your family’s secret recipes and print it as a gifted cookbook.

What are some DIY gift ideas?

You can see over 100 DIY gift ideas here related to homemade toys, home decor, fashion, beauty, food, and crafts.

What to buy for Christmas on a tight budget?

Anything edible is always a hit when you want to give gifts to friends and neighbors. Try making a mason jar gift with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.

What is a realistic Christmas budget?

In 2022, the average American planned to spend $826 on Christmas gifts, food, and decorations, according to the National Retail Federation.

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